Circumcision In Maasai Essay

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According to the Maasai, circumcision is part of Tepilit’s transition from a boy into a man. It is a privilege and honor to be circumcised as a Maasai male. Circumcision plays a large role in Tepilit’s rite of passage because the Maasai believe it also comes with a lot of responsibilities that he must now carry on his shoulders. Tepilit’s circumcision will give him a chance to start over as a new and better person, not just for himself but also for his family. The Maasai also believe that without a circumcision, one must not engage in sexual activities without bringing great dishonor onto one’s family. Children in both, the Maasai and American culture , must go through a rite of passage learning the responsibilities of safe sex and the needs of their…show more content…
This quotation goes to shows that by not teaching young women the responsibilties of their sexiality they will become what society considers sluts. Both of the quotes I have chosen show that there are many reasons to wanting to teach young adults about safe sex. They must learn about safe sex to avoid disgracing their families,large fines and or punishments. While transitioning from children to adults both children must learn to care not just for themselves but also their families. Saitoti writes, “Circumcision means a break between childhood and adulthood. For the first time in your life, you are regarded as a grown-up, a complete man or women. You will be expected to give and not just receive. To protect the family always, not just to be protected yourself.”(1). This quotation shows that as you become older you will start to gain more responsibilities as an adult. You will have to make decisions based on off what 's best for your family and not just yourself. Wolf states, “ their decision was based
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