Circus Maximus Essay

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What is the most beautiful piece of architecture you have seen before? Rome has some of the most beautiful and detailed architectural buildings. Many of these were built long ago, this includes the Circus Maximus. 599 BC - 500 BC the Circus Maximus was first laid out. The Circus Maximus has been used for multiple uses through out the years. One of the activites held at the Circus Maximus was horse races. However, in 64 AD a fire completely destroyed it. Due to this the Circus Maximus was completely rebuilt. This is what made it very large in size and be able to hold many people. At the end of 65 AD the Circus Maximus was rebuilt better than ever. It lasted for more than four hundred yearrs afterr being rebuilt. In 549 AD the Circus Maximus offically ended. But what all…show more content…
The color depended on who each horse belonged to. The chariots in these races would be pulled by at least four horses and no more than twelve. Winning the race had a couple advantages. This included becoming very popular among the crowd and getting a large cash prize. There were some people that would win often and became famous. A few of these are Pontius Epaphroditus and Diocies. The most famous winner was Scorpus. He won more than two thousand races. The people were not the only ones to become famous. The horses also became famous. The crowd would place bets on the horses depending on their popularity. Totila, an Ostrogoth king, hosted the last official race in 549 AD. After the last race was held the site was transformed and used for other uses. In the nineteenth century the Circus Maximus was used for gasworks and as an industry. In the 1930s AD area was tore down. After being torn down Roman officials built a park to resemble the original Circus Maximus. To build the park they used some of the original features. They use the orginal seats and starting gates for concerts that are held
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