Cirque Du Soleil Case Study Solution

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The aim of this paper is to present organizational problems, which the chosen company faced, to find appropriate theories and possible solutions for these problems. This research will be done over the famous Cirque du Soleil organization. Within the innovative approaches, high competition and globalization process, it is very important to develop organizational structure and efficiency in order to compete. For that purpose, we would like to see the possible ways for the performance efficiency and company’s internal and external spirit development. To begin with, company’s structure, history and evolution will be shown. Afterwards the main problems that the organization faced will be presented and analyzed. These problems are communication including both internal and external and diversity or cultural problems. We will see different sides of perception of the situation and problems related to this case. Based on the organizational behavior theories we will analyze possible solutions and limitations that can contribute to the industry. The theories, which have been chosen, are Perceptual Process Model of Communication and Cultural Diversity Management Program, which are highly relevant for Cirque du Soleil case. As the theories will be presented, several solutions will be offered: 1) implement 24-hours working day for the head offices in order to be easily accessible and to improve decision-making process, 2) usage of different social media platforms for quick responds and

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