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10 Effective Home Remedies for Cirrhosis Liver
Cirrhosis is one of the dangerous and alarming diseases of the liver. The damage caused by this disease is not treatable, diseases and infections. The liver is one of the regenerative organs in the body. If something goes wrong with the liver, then that is the end of that. There is no treatment for cirrhosis, but there are methods to put the disease under control.
Cirrhosis is responsible for damaging the liver tissues and these have to be replaced with scar tissue. As a result of replacement the liver faces problems in its working. As the body and liver working on overtime to repair the damaged tissue, it paves the way for the formation of nodules in the body which are regenerative. All this is an indication of the
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By taking the milk thistle don’t expect any improvements in the liver condition. But it protects your liver from any further damage. Milk thistle contains a compound silibinin. It has anti-oxidant qualities and detoxifying and hepatopotective effects. Milk thistle is available in various forms like capsule, tincture and liquid extract. Take the supplement in consultation with your doctor.
• Green tea
To control cirrhosis, take green tea. Since green tea is full of anti-oxidants that cut oxidative stress. Due to oxidative stress the issue of cirrhosis develops. In addition the green tea and its ingredients act as a shield against the liver disease and have anti-viral qualities to fight hepatitis. Consuming green tea daily is better for the overall health of your body.
Add 1 teaspoon of green tea powder to 1 cup of water. After steeping for 5 minutes, strain the mixture and add a few drops of pure honey to the drink. Take this tea 3 times in a day on a regular basis to avert further damage to your liver.
• Vitamin C
Vitamin C has power to protect the liver from liver oxidative damage. Vitamin C also averts the piling up of fatty acids and

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