Cis 3365 Week 3

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1.) A complex project that I have been on would be for my CIS 3365 class where I had to work with my team to create an application for a guitar store to better manage their payments. The store had a layaway process where customers could give payments for a guitar, but everything was unorganized and records were kept on file cabinets. We had to create an application that would store payment records, customer information, payment method, and the final balance. I was in the critical path because I was involved in the designing and creation of the application. My project manager did an excellent job at marinating the team together to complete every task on time 2.) Some of the reasons that I believe project scheduling sometimes is not done well…show more content…
The planning of each activity will give the team an idea of how soon to start the task to complete it. The proper planning of each task ensures the project will be completed on time. 4.) Some capacity problems can be that the drug may experience a high demand high demand, but not enough product. When a new product is released there is uncertainty because we don’t know how the well or how bad the drug will perform. 5.) An example of the concept of economies of scale would be a phone company producing too much of their phones when the demand decreases creating a lost for the company. 6.) Some capacity considerations in a hospital are beds, rooms, and staff. The difference in capacity considerations between a hospital and a factory is that the hospital can add capacity quickly and factory is more limited. The hospital can increase the number of beds and staff. 7.) An example of a capacity cushion is can be a car company for example Dodge producing Dodge Vipers when there was no demand for that car anymore they had a large inventory just sitting at the dealerships. An example of a negative capacity cushion is Apple not producing enough iPhones for the high
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