Cisco's Marketing Strategy, A Failure

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Marketing Strategy: A Success, A Failure

Marketing is a process by which a product or service is presented and endorsed to potential consumers. Lack of marketing in one’s business may result in the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential consumers would know about it. Without extensive usage of marketing strategies, sales can crash and companies may lead to a failure stage. Hence marketing plays a vital role in the success and failure of any business.

Cisco is one of the leading network providers. Cisco emerged from the Silcon Valley one of the most prosperous companies. Cisco has been setup during the late 1970’s with Sandra Lerner and Leonard Bosack who belonged to the Stanford University Business School
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They have been able to position themselves this way by using the best information systems to create a bond between the company and its customers. Cisco believes and continuously works towards adding value into the business. Information systems have been a major factor for the company’s continual success which has been recognized and approved by the senior management of cisco. Information systems helps Cisco to enhance their innovation techniques thereby results in availability of advanced products in the market, to provide cost effective products to the customers thereby adding value into the business. By focusing on consumers’ needs cisco is able to enjoy competitive advantage. With the help of effective information systems cisco has been able to meet many strategic goals.

IT strategy of Cisco complements and reinforces its business strategy by enabling the establishment of greater customer focused values as well as a important competitive advantage. The backbone of Cisco management team is their loyal employees, and world class information
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• Lack of flexibility – Poor marketing strategies and lack of organizational structure and design, low financial management, & efficient business processes, systems, people and culture lead to the failure of the company and its ability to adapt to interruptions in the business environment such as global recessions and increased competition.

Marketers must learn from their own previous failures, and others' failures, to ensure that they are successful for the next product launch. Learning product failures permits those in the planning and implementation process to learn from the mistakes of other product and brand failures. Each product failure can be examined from the perception of what, if anything might have been done differently to produce and market a fruitful product rather than one that failed. The ability to identify key signs in the product improvement process can be critical. If the product should make it this far, measuring risk before the product is marketed can save an organization’s financial plan, and avoid the imperceptible costs of exposing their failure to the

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