Cisco Porter's Five Forces Analysis

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Porter’s five forces is a framework that provides analysts with knowledge of the external factors regarding their company and the development of business strategy. These shows people how attractive a company is in a certain industry. I have chosen to develop the porter’s five forces strategy regarding Cisco and the information received. I will evaluate the competiveness, threat of substation, buyer power, supplier power and the threat of new entry. Competitive rivalry The brand name for Cisco is very strong however competitive rivalry is high. Competitors such as Juniper, who would be their biggest competitor, would need to have a very strong brand name and be known much more than Cisco. Juniper being the main rival for cisco. Took 1/3 of …show more content…

There is little start up elements. One big problem for Cisco would be companies taking over and merging other companies into one. However it is extremely important for these companies to have the technological information and know how that Cisco has to be as successful as they have been throughout the years. It would be very hard for every company to come out of an economic global downturn like Cisco did and say that they have learned from their mistakes and have turned this crisis into an opportunity and have in fact gained more market share. Cisco is one of the main dealers in the area of revenues therefore it minimises any new competition even if the barriers to entry are …show more content…

One thing though with this type of market the technology industry is forever changing and consumers want the latest updates. Cisco gives their customers, that option they can manually go and update their software themselves. This means customers are not waiting for long periods of time before they have the latest updates to their system. This is good for Cisco as existing customers can’t say that they are behind as opposed to their competitors. Demand for more extra added features in regards to the type of services provided may need to be updated regularly again because customers do not want to be waiting for ages to get the

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