Cisneros House On Mango Street Analysis

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Esperanza faces multiple conflicts in the house on mango street but the one particularly strikes her is how adult men see her as a women and how she see’s herself as a women. In cisneros house on mango street , Esperanza's faces with how adult men see her to how she see’s herself as a women . Men find her beautiful and attractive and manipulate her in various ways. She compares herself to multiple things in the neighborhood to figure out what role she plays as a women. Esperanza throughout the story tries to figure out how she stands as a women.In cisneros chapter”Boy and girl” cisneros writes”The boys and girls inseperate worlds.The boys in their universe and we in ours”(8).I can infer that Esperanza knows they’re seprate for a reason .The boys are to impress girls and girls are ment to impress boys. IN, the chapter “Marin” cisneros writes”since you always get to look beautiful and get to wear nice clothes and get to meet someone in the subway who might marry you and take you to live in a big house far away” it meaning Esperanza wants to be like her as a women. I can infer the role esperanza wants to be a women like Marin and be able to wear nice clothes , have a nice big house like she imagined .…show more content…
Cisneros, writes in the chapter “chanclas” Esperanza at a party”all night the boy who is a man watches me dance.He watched me dance”(48). I can assume that the man thinks ESperanza is a beautiful women and he can take advantage of her. In the chapter “The first job” the author writes that a old man kisses Esperanza on the mouth purposely(55). The old man took advantage of Esperanza because he felt that she was very nice and
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