Eli Lilly: Company Analysis

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CITIGROUP Citigroup is American multinational investment banking and financial services corporation whose headquarter is in Manhattan, New York City. It was formed in October 1998 by merging one of the largest mergers in history by combining the financial conglomerate Travelers group and banking giant Citicorp. Citigroup had the world's largest network of financial services , extended across 140 countries with approximately 16,000 offices worldwide. It holds customer accounts of over 200 millions in more than 140 countries. ELI LILLY Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company basically American based, situated in United States with its headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eli Lilly was founded by Col. Eli Lilly , a pharmaceutical…show more content…
Return on asset % decreased in 2014 from 2013 and increased by very less margin i.e. 0.02% in 2015. Return on equity % decreased in the year 2014 and again increased in 2015 . 3)As an investor having made the analysis of financial position of both the companies, which company would you invest in when it comes to portfolios. According to financials, Citigroup is the third-largest U.S. bank by assets, reporting a 4 percent jump in the first quarter profit advanced 4.2 percent to $47.62 that beat analysts' expectation which helped by lower loan loss reserves. The net income grew 4 percent to $3.94 billion, or $1.23 per share, from $3.8 billion, or $1.23 per share. The firm earned $1.30 per share excluding items. A pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly edged up 1.4 percent to $59.26. The shares raised from underperform to hold. 4)Conclude the best company. After analyzing the financial position of both the companies , as an investor I would to invest in Eli Lilly because the return on investment of Citigroup is 0 % and return on equity is 0% while the return on investment of Eli Lilly is 9.2% and return on equity is 15.55%. Looking at the portfolio of the company it has scope to grow in future as
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