Citizen Kane As A Journalistic Film: Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane is an iconic movie that changed the way Classical Hollywood cinema was viewed. This film had such a high expectation around it when it was first released in 1941. Citizen Kane was surrounded with various rumours of the movie being based on the real life story of the famous newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. However it was never clarified by Orson Welles that the movie was actually about Hearst so the movie could not just be branded a biographical movie. The genre of this film was hard for film critics and viewers to decipher. The closest description of a genre for this film would have to be a journalistic investigation biographical film. This allows for the mystery, the journalistic and the biographical elements which all contribute to the film. The film is made up with numerous accounts of Charles Kane’s life and the viewers never see what actually happened through Kane’s. Welles knew how to change the way a story could be told in a film and this is why Citizen Kane was such an iconic film.
Citizen Kane was such an unusual film at the time it was released for the reason that most films in the 1940’s had the same storyline and plot but Citizen Kane was different. Orson Welles made the audience feel smart by showing them what was really going on in the film story. By allowing the story and plot to differ Welles had a range of ideas which he could play out. The main one being the fact that the audience finally find out what ‘Rosebud’ meant and the

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