Citizen Kane Film Techniques

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The Film “Citizen Kane” challenged the traditional narrative and technical elements of traditional Hollywood by providing an illusion of movement and expressive use of light in multiple scenes. In this film the narrator expressed that Charles Foster Kane utilized his strengths which was media, newspapers that is how he reached the people, how he could manipulate the readers to read whatever story he wanted to showcase. What was very noticeable to me was mostly that the story was being told in a non-chronological order, throughout the story the course of events are sort of shuffled around for the viewer to decipher the plot while exploring how, when and why Kane died and everything leading to his death. This particular filmmaker by choosing to utilize the non-chronological approach was able to use flashbacks of his life, plenty of voice-over work to summarize the plot. He also photographed the sets from high angles and low angles to acquire a more authentic look.…show more content…
The eerie sounds combined with scary visuals make for an exhilarating scene. The extremely long intro with the gruesome score sets its audience up for a scary ride. Something as simple a light going off and on changes the mood to become very anxious. Snow falling telling the story of what time of year this story takes place in, which was a superimposed image of the snow falling before he died then a flashback of him as a child in the snow which were repetitious scenes some of which the audience actually experiences the narrative throughout those multiple scenes. They also utilized the Tilt Shot during the snow and globe scene, this type of camera movement directs the

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