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Citizen Kane From watching Citizen Kane, starring Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane, a movie about a wealthy newspaper publisher can arguably be the greatest of all time, or at least a great movie for its time period to others. There’s several aspects to this movie that makes it a remarkable film, also a great example of a film that takes great risk for its time period with how they used the camera. What makes this a remarkable film would be; how they used lighting to shed focus of certain characters, positions of the camera and montages. Lighting was an incredible tool in this film, given the fact that it was filmed 100% in black and white. Orson Welles used this to his advantage by having several scenes and characters in the shadow or even in the light to give the viewer a message of the plot or give a taste of what’s…show more content…
This montage shows Kane and Emily’s relationship, which crumbles after a few years. The montage began with them having breakfast, having a flirtatious conversation. Kane was looking dashing in a white shirt and tie with a black jacket to match and Emily was wearing a really low cut dress that showed quite a lot of cleavage. They were also sitting really close with each other, sharing laughs, but that quickly changed as the montage went on. As the montage went on more distant they became with one another. Conversations became really intense, they sat further away from each other, even Emily’s dresses became less revealing as time went on. This whole montage revolved around the fact that Mr. Kane was getting even more caught up with his job at the newspaper, which destroyed their marriage. The breakfast montage was great because it gave an overview on how their relationship crumbled in a few years in just a 2 minute long montage. Welles also used the setting and placement of objects to add on to the montage so the viewer can understand more without needing to be

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