Citizen Kane Mood

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Citizen Kane starts off with two silent clips. The first clip tells us who the movie was directed by, followed by the title of the picture. After these two clips take place, the mood starts to set. Cue the dark, gloomy and mysterious tone from the music that is played when the black and white images of the surroundings and many areas of Kane’s castle appear. All images are shady; there is almost no light. These images create a mysterious mood for the audience because there are no signs of happiness or light. It makes the audience feel uneasy. Next, you see Kane on his deathbed, holding a snow globe. This scene is still dark, with only minimal light coming in from the distance through the window. Then you see a close up shot of Charles Kane,…show more content…
The mood switches as the news portrays Xanadu as some wonderful and marvelous castle and zoo, almost museum like. This image of Xanadu and the previous image from the first scene contradict each other. In the beginning, this castle didn’t look anything special. It looked lonely and mysterious. Now, the news portrays it as nothing short of miraculous and goes on to describe how successful Kane was in his newspaper business. The mood of the newsreel is stimulating and portrays a slightly positive attitude to the audience. This uplifting newsreel alters the audience’s mood drastically. The extreme clash changes the audience’s attitude from one extreme to the other. Welles uses this mood variation to keep the audience interested and keep them on edge, knowing that they still have the image and mysterious “rosebud” questions in the back of their mind. Sound is the most important contribution to this effect by Welles. The vibrant music creates a totally different feeling of that of the gloomy, mysterious sounds from the prior scene. In my opinion, the sound makes all the
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