Citizen Kane Persuasive Speech

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Citizen Kane Speech

In the year of 2000, a study was conducted on a class of young adults at a particular university in America. The study was initially about the opening scene of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. The university students had no prior knowledge or any contextual influences on the film itself. However the students viewing the first minutes of the film were then able to determine most of the important plot and thematic elements the film would feature. As you can see ladies and gentlemen, the presentation of events, lighting, sound mis en scene, chiascuro lighting and cinematic techniques were all more formative in the essence of the narrative, rather than the story itself.

“Mr Kane was a man who had lost everything he had”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the board of studies as you know I’m here to promote to you how important and appropriate Citizen Kane is as a core text.

Citizen Kane, a black and white 1941 film from director Orson Welles explores the notion of
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By examining the childhood scene, us as viewers can begin to fathom how context affected Kane’s insanity. Mr Welles uses deep focus and the framing of the window as Kane’s father physically shuts Kane out to be ‘seen but not heard’ to allude to can emotional separation between the characters. Through a postmodern view of Kane wee see that he is a victim of heavy childhood trauma, do you all agree? As you can all hear Orson Welles uses specific positive musical motif to enhance the happiness in Kane’s life, Rosebud. The simulacrum of Rosebud, allows Kane to remind himself when he felt loved by his family and was happy without and material wealth. The change in camera angle from a high angle to eye height in this scene shows us the instant shift from Kane’s childhood to adulthood. This spontaneous shift enhances the idea of his maladjusted ego. I personally agree, do
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