Textual Source Analysis Essay

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Reflection: My Progress So Far in English 101 For the textual source analysis assignment, I chose to analyze “Citizen Khan” by Kathryn Schulz. I was compelled to choose this article because it resonated with me the most. “Citizen Khan” recalls the life story of a man named Zarif Khan who immigrated to the U.S. for a better life in 1909 and went on to become a legendary tamale vendor in Sheridan, Wyoming. Similarly, my grandfather came to the U.S. with very little and began working at Boeing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania assembling helicopters. He too went on to become successful and eventually was able to afford for his family, including my grandmother, my father, and my two aunts to come and live with him in Ridley Park. As a result, “Citizen…show more content…
This is where I learned the most about myself as both a writer and a reader. Initially, when writing my first draft, I focused on just the most prominent aspects of the article such as how Schulz framed her argument through a story and kept things factually and historically based rather than outwardly asserting her bias. Both subjects became the crux of my analysis, but my original draft lacked the analysis aspect a bit in that I had to dig deeper and provide better examples to support my stance. For example, in my original draft I focused a bit too much on bias and went to the extreme of saying that Schulz kept all bias out of her narrative and kept it completely objective. After further digging into Schulz’s background, and for what publication this article was established under, I had to rephrase this subject to acknowledge the bias but counter-argue why her credentials does not devalue the points she makes in “Citizen Khan.” I was prompted to reevaluate the phrasing and depth of the topics I addressed in my analysis by the comments on the first draft by my Professor. I found that I am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to critiquing my writing for I will be a ruthless critic to myself and anyone who asks me to review or edit their writing, but when others do the same, I tend to become very attached to what I have already
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