Citizen Patrol

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Typically, Police Departments throughout the country have adopted specific innovative patrol programs to prevent crimes. An example is that The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has initiated a volunteer program in 2004, which encouraged the community to involve in crime prevention and community improvement. The community involvement program is not only assisting officers in relieving them with their workload, but the program has proven to be helpful, especially by allowing the community to build rapport with officers working in their neighborhood. Another standard innovative patrol program that is common by most police and sheriff’s department is the citizen patrol program. The citizen patrol program has proven to be very effective and efficient, particularly, when law enforcement officers are busy with other emergency situations. The citizen programs are a non-sworn personnel that has the responsibility to enforce county or city ordinance. For instance, some of the…show more content…
And in many cases, they can only observe and report, or generating a report. The law enforcement personnel have a much greater responsibility to uphold the law. An example is to protect and served the public, or a particular assigned community. And more than often than not, officer are face with the decision that involved the use of deadly force in order to protect life, or perhaps makes an arrest if necessary. On the other hand, there is some similarity between citizen patrol and police officers practice in keeping a neighborhood safe. The citizen patrol could, however, make a citizen arrest depend on the state or the Sheriff 's office requirements. Also, and, as previously stated, citizen patrol has the authority to enforce an assigned task in a county or city ordinance under the direction of their
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