Should A Citizen Have To Proud Of Their Nationality Or Their Country Essay

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Good morning everyone! First and foremost, I would like to faithfully thank all of you for your attendances in my rhetorical discourse today. Before going into my topic, let me ask you a simple question: Why a citizen have to proud of their nationality or their country? In today’s life, being born in somewhere means nothing to “modern” teenagers (,particularly Vietnamese teenagers). They usually want to flee out from their nest of their mother or want to be other nationality than what they inherently are. They are ashamed of a country they were brought to live in, they are ashamed of themselves, but why do they do so? As what I have observed, there are some of many reasons that lead to that problem. First, they want to show how up-to-date and different they are. Second, they are bored with the daily lives in their country (Vietnam). In my personal viewpoint, they all stems from the effects of foreign countries. The foreign language, standard life, culture, lifestyle always appears on their page of social networks, so they are gradually infected by these factors and become another person. However, they are unable to change nationality when just based on their aspiration. They can wear makeup, they can speak perfectly another language, but they will never…show more content…
Being proud and respect is a crucial issue for Vietnam’s citizen. All we have to do is that limit the time of immersing ourselves in other countries’ culture and usually broaden or practice what we call national cultural identity. We also need to advocate Vietnam’s product and other things quality because this is the way to popularize our Vietnam’s brand. National insensitivity is also dangerous when you just study and study, no care of anything else, and tomorrow, you are successful, you “fly away”!  Nevertheless, remember that no one obliges you to proud of Vietnam, or be racist of xenophobic, but it is necessary to respect the place where you were
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