Citizens United Ruling Summary

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The Citizens United Ruling made by Supreme Court in 2010 only made the issue of money ruling the elections worse. Its main effects, stated in the video, “paved the way” for big corporations or unions to spend as much money as they feel necessary in elections and the political process. They can utilize this rule through advertisements, messages, and many different ways of communication to potential and up and coming voters. It changed the way campaigns were carried out by not only putting a bigger emphasis on the political spending from candidates and outside organizations, but also in a sense demerits the aspect of democracy, with having the amount money spent on a campaign be noticed more than the voices of the people. Voting does not really represent the country, but rather, represents the rich and powerful of the country. The quote, "Candidates cannot run for office in America unless they have millions upon millions of dollars," is true when looking at the…show more content…
It recruits former federal employees to return as lobbyists and consultants. With officials spinning in and out of the public and private sections of society, so does power, certain privileges, and money. This effects the electoral process by changing the way people think. Instead of thinking and acting towards the needs of the people, they focus on the needs of their next employer and disregard the rest. The American Legislation Exchange Council (ALEC) stand side by side in order to create model bills for American life and work harder to get them passed. This is important to American politics because of their influences. In the past decade, more than $370 million dollars have been raised in for and against state elections. They encourage states to accept and reject bills and influence the election of representatives and officials who are willing to stand by
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