Illegal Immigrants Citizens Essay

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Benefits for Illegal Immigrants to be Citizens One of the hottest topics in United States political system is over the millions of Illegal Immigrants in the country, and what to do with them. Congress is constantly debating the issue. Democrats have suggested to make mass citizenship to the Illegal Immigrants, but the Republicans have suggested to send them back to where they came from. Illegal Immigrants should be given citizenship to America because they create more tax revenue, supply the workforce, and children would not have to be in foster care due to their parents being deported. First, creating a process for Immigrants to become citizens would help by creating more tax revenue by taxing the working Illegal Immigrants. The United States government is losing millions of dollars due to not being able to tax Illegal Immigrants income. So, if made citizens, they could receive large amount in revenue to supply the shortage in funding for federal and state projects. New income from new citizens of the United States government could help fund our interstate systems and other parts of the American infrastructure that needs dire improvements. Also, these citizens funding could help public schools by…show more content…
The Applied Research center estimates 5,100 children are in foster care due to parents being deported. Sadly, we are breaking apart so many families over the parent being Illegal, but children being citizens. Countless United States resources are tied up in rehoming these young children which would not be the case if we would only give their parents citizenship. Also we have a dramatic shortage of foster parents in the United States. By putting families back together, we could help solve more serve problems in the foster care system. Creating a path to citizenship would result in thousands of children out of foster
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