Sociology Questions On Citizenship

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1. Define the term relationship. ***
A relationship is a bond you can inherit or develop with another person (248).

2. How does citizenship play a role in your community?
Citizenship, or “the way you conduct yourself as a member of the community”, plays the role of determining whether your community will be strong, safe, and clean, or not. If you and others around you are good citizens, then your community will be a better place (249).

3. Define the three components of building a healthy relationship.
The three components of building a healthy relationship include: communication – how you portray your thoughts and take in what others say, cooperation – the act of working with and not against your peer in order to come to a beneficial result, and compromise – conclusion that
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What is resiliency?
Resiliency is shown through whether or not you can move on from hardships (285).

17. Name the five different types of abuse and give an example of each type.
(1) Mental Abuse – telling someone they are ugly (2) Physical Abuse – slapping somebody (3) Sexual Abuse – inappropriately touching a girl at the library (4) Spousal Abuse – punching your wife (5) Child Abuse – unnecessarily yelling at your child (287-288).

18. Often abuse cycles from one generation to the next as victims of abuse become abusers. Why is it important to break the cycle of violence? How can you help to break it?
As stated, “victims of abuse become abusers”; that is why it is important to break the cycle of violence – so that there are NO MORE victims, and consequently, NO MORE abusers. I can help break this cycle by communicating received or witnessed abuse to people such as: parents, a hotline, or the police (289).

19. What is foster care?
Foster care is a system where a non-biological guardian temporarily gives a child a home (292).

20. Define the term domestic violence.
Domestic violence is violence that is aimed within your family (286).

21. Define the term platonic
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