Citizenship In Canada

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Things to know if you hire a Representative
The first thing that you must do if you decide to hire a SINP representative is to inform the government of Saskatchewan by filling out form available on the Canadian government’s immigration website. When you are in the process of selecting your representative be sure that the agencies you are working with are reputable. Asking for references or reading reviews can provide a good feel for whether or not your representative is the right one for you.
Once you have contracted the services of a SINP representative there are a few things you should take care not to do. Be sure to read each document and form they ask you to sign, and be sure not to sign a form if it is blank or you do not understand it.
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For this reason they require that new citizens take a test that shows their knowledge of Canada. The government provides free study guides for this test on their website and most of the questions will be answerable based on knowledge that you gain by living in Canada for the required time prior to applying for citizenship.
There are a few situations that may render you ineligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, but with a bit of work, patience, and perseverance you will be able to overcome them.
Why Become a Canadian Citizen?
The SINP makes entering Canada and become a citizen easier to do, but many people may be left asking, why should I become a Canadian citizen? Due to its place a large, developed nation that is on friendly terms with most countries of the world, Canadian citizenship confers a number of rights, privileges, and benefits.
The Rights of Canadian Citizens
All Canadian citizens are protected by the Canadian Bill of Rights, a federal law passed in 1960. The Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 expands these protections to include other areas, particularly employment, housing, and commerce. Saskatchewan also has its own Bill of Rights, which it made law in
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Benefits of Canadian Citizenship
Beyond the rights conferred by citizenship are the many benefits that being a Canadian offers. One benefit is free public schooling up to the secondary level. Education is administered on a provincial basis. In Saskatchewan, children begin kindergarten at the age of five and graduate high school at eighteen. Canadian college students can qualify for a number of programs that help them reduce the cost of higher education. For example, students in Saskatchewan who plan to remain in the province for seven years after graduation can receive rebates of up to $20,000.
One of the largest benefits of Canadian citizenship is the access to healthcare that it provides. Healthcare in Canada is publically funded and mostly free for citizens. All citizens receive health cards and all citizens are provided the same level of care. Supplemental plans are available for citizens who desire private hospital rooms, or elective surgeries. The main caveat of the program is the lack of coverage for prescription medication, but prices are generally
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