Citrine Birthtone Jewelry Essay

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Ancient and Modern World of Citrine Birthstone Jewelry Have you ever sighted the scenic beauty of the sun setting over the deep-sea on a warm summer evening? Do you recall the interesting shadows of orange that sprang around the soft clouds and stretched deep into your soul to warm you inside and out? Well, you can arrest that scenery and feel again with the deep orange shades of citrine jewelry. Capturing the warmth, this gem is absolute to hold forever. The birthstone of November, it is a versatile gemstone perfect for rings, pendant, earrings and bracelets. The gorgeous piece holds its roots from the ancient time and still in the modern world rules the hearts of women for its exceptional charm. The birthstone jewelry has taste the massive…show more content…
This ultra-glamorous ring is for keeps as you can pass on this beauty to generations for its enduring grace. Earrings: Majestic Without Being Pretentious Possessing the red carpet fashion statement, these earrings are one of the most cherished accessories for any stylish women. Santa Ana Madeira Citrine Earrings Such designs are loved for their sophistication and high brilliance. These earrings can provide a glamorous look to any ordinary appearance and adds classy phenomena. The color depth of this gemstone will provide a matchless opportunity to suit any attire. Brazilian Citrine Earrings Bold and energetic, these earrings represent the beauty of retro era jewelry. A light contemporary touch to the design of these dangles makes it a beautiful accessory. Bracelets: Bold, Fun and Shimmering Appearance Giving a delicate flair, citrine birthstone bracelets brings the sunshine and fire to any ordinary look. Brazilian Citrine Fancy Bracelet The warm medley in a glittering structure makes a close hold for this bracelet. The lively reflection of yellow matches the fashion preferences of women of today. Brazilian Citrine Tennis

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