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After his mother falls ill, Alex Cold is forced to go on a trip to the Amazon with his eccentric grandma that is a magazine reporter, Kate Cold. They will travel along the Amazon for the purpose of finding the “Beast of the Amazon.” Their team consists of an ignorant anthropologist, Ludovic LeBlanc, a beautiful doctor, Omayra Torres, their guide and his daughter, Cesar and Nadia Santos, a suspicious city man, Karakawe, two photographers, soldiers that are employed by Captain Ariosto and Mauro Carias, and some people of the Amazon. Before venturing out onto the river, the team stops at a small town where Alex and Nadia figure out that there is an evil plan to exploit the Amazon being formed by Captain Ariosto, Mauro Carias, and someone
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This book is the third installment in The Underland Chronicles and is the most similar City of the Beasts out of the five. The series has the same audience of young adults and also has fantasy aspects, which even include a huge bat, too. The reason this particular installment is the most similar of the series is due to its setting. The setting of the Amazon was important for City of the Beasts due to its mysterious feeling and ability to hide creatures at every turn. In Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, the characters travel to a similar jungle due to a plague, which coincidentally affects Gregor’s mom, that is sweeping their land.. The endings of the books are alike with both having a twist in who really is the bad guy. Allende has Dr. Torres try to kill the Indians through a vaccination, while Collins revealed that humans purposefully created the plague as a way to rid of the giant rats. In addition, some themes are present within both novels. They include a need for trust between groups, whether it is peoples or species, when it came to fighting the antagonists. Also, the theme of strength comes from within was evident in both with Alex and Gregor both growing in multiple ways by the end of the books. Overall, City of the Beasts and Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods are both journeys through jungles with young, male and dynamic

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