City Of Thieves Character Analysis

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As WWII started, Russia and Germany were in a war; as the war was evolving sieges too, people started eating the corpses, fighting for food, and dying for it. In the book “ City of Thieves” by David Benioff, the two protagonists, Lev and Kolya, after being imprisoned, they were sent by the colonel to look for eggs, that in this story was the only chance to not be killed. The difference of age between the protagonists, connects to the maturity they have starting the story, giving the audience the knowledge they don’t have experience about war. As the conflict between the nations is happening, the duo faces some situations that makes their insecurities and fears, as young adults, help them emotionally and mentally mature through the book. As human’s self-doubt surrounds their life, giving an individual the fear to be judge by others or being always in the shadow of others, is part of an insecure person. Lev, as the younger of the duo has more insecurities, as he being self-conscious, his narration is full of self-criticism, also that with a more childish mind, his reactions to the “world” they are dealing with, doesn’t help that much. Kolya in the other hand has all the opposite characteristics of Lev, handsome, fearless, extrovert. The difference in this duo really helps, as insecurity surrounds Lev, Kolya tries to distract him from reality either changing the topic to girls or the book The Courtyard Hound. As Lev, with the help of Kolya and his pornographic playing
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