City Tourism Case Study

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1.1 City tourism and culture development
Tourism characterized by Goeldner and Ritchie as the procedure, exercises, and results emerging from the connections and the cooperations among voyagers, tourism suppliers, host governments, host groups, and encompassing situations that are included in the pulling in and facilitating of guests while by Gunn (1994) characterized tourism as the development of individuals to destinations outside their ordinary work environments and living arrangement, the exercises embraced amid their stay in those destinations, and the offices makes to oblige their necessities. By and Cros (2002) doing research particularly in city tourism and social utilizing the title Cultural Tourism as a part
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Other tourism, for example, taking into account nature, cutting edge and brandishes just seen to be produced. These tourism frequently persuade regard for be highlighted contrasted and presentation of the nearby culture. Tourism proposed to present the neighborhood group society in a few spots under advanced in Malaysia with the interesting qualities of the spots and group that might be utilized as a vacation spot is less accentuated. Social tourism and its items likewise less advanced and make voyagers or guests don 't become more acquainted with the…show more content…
There are exercises and items society made went for advancing society got less welcome by nearby group. The reaction of the neighborhood is exceptionally poor and unsupported by them and influenced to remote sightseers. The vast majority of local people or sightseers want to run shopping exercises on offer in shopping centers or in particular zones and in addition visit more to a renowned vacation spot.
1.3 Aim & objectives of study
1.3.1 Aim of study
Purpose of this research is to study the potential of Jalan Tun Sambathan as city tourism with a cultural motive in order to attract tourists.

1.3.2 Objectives of study
Some objectives have been outlined to achieve the purpose of the study. These objectives are as follows:
i. To identify the abundance of cultural assets found on the study area that possible to make as cultural tourist attraction. ii. To identify the characteristics and uniqueness of the study area that can be highlighted as cultural motive. iii. To review of the response from local/foreign visitors and possible that may occur. iv. To identify issues and problems that possible to arise from the study.
v. To make general recommendations related to area

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