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As the Latino population of the United States continues to burgeon, so does its influence in all aspects of American society. The far-reaching influence of Latinos has exploded in the past few decades, with 17% of the U.S. population who identify as Latino controlling over $1.5 trillion USD in spending power. A section of society where Latino influence continues to rise is in the American political process and the formation of public policy. Latinos have managed to fill a vacant position in nearly every spot of government, culminating with a U.S. Latino holding a crucial stake in a fierce battle for the presidency. As Latinos continue to grow in size and influence, attention should be invested in promoting civic engagement and enhancing political representation of Latinos at all levels of government. First and foremost, what does civic engagement consist of? It is an individual or collective action aimed at identifying and addressing some kind of issue, be it economic, political, or societal. Civic engagement usually involves or is fueled by a deep sentiment that can make the issue personal and important. Latinos have already been involved as change-paving civic activists for…show more content…
Many of the issues that affect every day Americans such as education and economic growth are equally important in these communities. However, some issues like immigration and the War on Drugs hold a higher priority and have been at the forefront of Latino civic engagement for decades. Despite this truth, their resolution has been delayed endlessly as attention is dedicated elsewhere. An increase in civic engagement and political representation signifies increased attention to these important issues, allowing Latino leaders to help set the agenda and ensure these various issues are on course to their

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