Civics In Canada

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There are many things in life that we as humans should know. One of which is civics. Civics is basically the study of rights and duties as a citizen. We all are part of a society and it is crucial to know how your government body runs. There are many aspects of a government that can make it different in every country. The main part is the type of government, which is either democratic or authoritarian. In democratic governments people usually vote to make decisions and authoritarian someone makes the decision for the people. In Canada we have a representative democracy as in we do not vote directly for our leader but we vote for people who represent us in the House of Commons. Learning how your government operates is as important as what rights and the responsibilities…show more content…
Not every country in the world offers education and definitely not every country in the world offers paid health care. These are some basic factors that make Canada, Canada. We should all know these things as it is important to know in our lives. I think it is a good implementation in the grade 10 curriculum in Canada. This is the best time to learn about civics since in grade 9 you just got into high school and by grade 11 and 12 you would be preparing for post-secondary. I have learned and clarified many things that I knew and did not know in civics class. I always thought that the whole idea of a democratic government was a good thing but, in civics I learned that there are still downsides to it like being the 49% to the 51% when voting. I also thought that the Canadian government was one of the best but they still had their flaws and things that does not allow it to run very well. Being born a Canadian does not mean anything if you know thing about how ti is operated and the things you can do. All in all, civic¬¬s is an important course which teaches us the fundamental parts of how our society runs and how everything
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