Civil Aviation Case Study

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The developments in civil aviation are brought to a new level. The newly released Boeing 377 Stratocruiser is conducting its first commercial flights. Last night the aircraft operated by Pan Am Airways took off from San Francisco, California on the way to Honolulu, Hawaii. The plane was designed to ensure your comfort and security. There have been 250,000 miles of test flights which pushed the aircraft to its limits in different categories. Only when all tests were successfully completed was the aircraft received official certification. The aircraft is the first aviation aircraft in America since the end of the Second World War. The Boeing 337 Stratocruiser is a civilian version of the plane Boeing 29 Superfortress. The aircraft was known…show more content…
Despite the recession, which happened in 1945, 50 Stratocruisers have been manufactured, but still with out an airline customer. Then finally in November 1945, Pan American World Airways became the first customer of the company as they purchased 20 Stratocruisers for a total cost of 24 $ million. Boeing’s president Juan Trippe was satisfied with the company and was confident that this expensive aircraft will be successful for the airline. Now, 2 years after the aircrafts have been purchased, the first commercial flights with passengers on board have…show more content…
The double deck structure allows the transport of 55 to 100 passengers and attendants. The larger fuselage allows more space per passenger. The interior of the aircraft is divided in several lounges, which are connected using staircases to the main cabin. The highlight for many passengers would be a cocktail bar which was built at the lower deck of the aircraft. The well-decorated lower deck was created for the purpose of passenger comfort. Some versions of the new Stratocruiser come with a redesigned main cabin where 28 sleeping accommodation were installed for long haul flights. Last significant interior cabins that were installed on board are large and comfortable Women’s and Men’s lounges. These lounges provide enough space for perhaps dressing and other activities. Boeing is proud of this aircraft due to its safety and easy maintenance. The cockpit equipped also proved a unique flying experience for the pilot. The cockpit offers good outside visibility and contains accurate stall warning system for the pilot. A pilot of the Boeing says “ a plots airplane – a sweet airplane to fly”. The Stratocruise can be flown at most weather conditions and is able to be airborne even after 2 of its 4 engines fail mid

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