Civil Disobedience Argument

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Civil disobedience is a way for people to express themselves on issues that are problematic to society in a peaceful matter. In developed countries like the United States, people have the freedom and a right to be civil disobedience and do so for a better change.Some may see it as a disrespectful way to disrupt the peace and in many communities. It is a dispute between it being right or wrong. Some feel like the power is being taken away from them and they need to do something about it but not cause a scene or disrupt anyone in any way, I believe people have the right to do this because I don't see the problem in someone speaking up something wrong.
Someone who has had experience and knows what to do in those situation can become a great leader for someone and really encourage people to fight for what they believe in. Martin Luther King did it many times
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To stand up for what they believe in and what they want to establish in the world. There's always going to be someone who will think that is wrong and that you should stop, and that's because everyone is going to have a different view on things and it is always going to be conflict when things don't agree with each other or are the same. It has always been like that, if one thing is different from the other it is going to cause difficulties between the two because they are not agreeing or seeing eye to eye. That will always be a major difficulty. Another reason why civil disobedience might be looked down on is that it will start out peaceful but in the end it could go wrong by one small thing. A recent case would be the Black Lives Matter Movement, a lot of people agree to it but others do not. The movement centers around the black community and how they should be treated with respect and not discriminated by the way they look, it centers around police killing African
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