Civil Disobedience: Breaking The Law

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Civil Disobedience Can breaking the law ever be justified? Yes, as long as it is for a cause. Civil disobedience is the disobeying of a law to improve a moral principal. We have the right to protest and speak out when there is an unjust law. This is our right of freedom of speech and expression. The expression ‘civil disobedience’ was created from Henry David Thoreau. He used this term to refer to his choice to escape paying a state tax that would supply a war in Mexico. It would also carry out the Fugitive Slave Law. This essay is commonly referred to today. Even though this was the first time the phrase was actually used, by definition it is much older than 1848.
Ronald Reagan once said, “One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter”.
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It attracts attention to a matter. It creates fluctuations that matter. You can object this way without betrayal of the law.
With the upright things that come with civil disobedience, there are things that aren’t that magnificent. For instance, in a democracy civil disobedience will never, under any circumstances be justified. Also, anarchy will materialize if we do not comply with the rules, even if they are unreasonable. Civil disobedience doesn’t always make an adjustment in a regulation. It may take time for this to generate a change. When breaking a law and getting arrested, you are drawing attention to that law. This may even show a few people how unjust it is. On December first 1955, Rosa Parks did this herself. She refused to move from her seat on the bus when a white woman asked her to. She
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Imagine driving through a small town and you come to a light and it is red. It is in the middle of the night and there is not a single person around. You have been sitting at the light for more than 15 minutes waiting for it to change. It is observable at this point that the light is damaged. So do you sit there all night and wait for someone to come fix it so you may drive through “legally”? Of course not, you would look to make sure no one is approaching and continue to drive anyway because, it is illogical to sit there all night and
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