Civil Disobedience In America

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Nearly 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans of the Southern States still inhabited a starkly unequal world of disenfranchisement, segregation and various forms of oppression, including race-inspired violence. “Jim Crow” laws at the local and state levels barred them from classrooms and bathrooms, from theaters and train cars, from juries and legislatures. In the year of 1954, the United States struck down the “separate but equal” doctrine that formed the basis for state-sanctioned discrimination, drawing national and international; attention to African Americans’ plight. In the turbulent decade and half that followed, civil rights activists used nonviolent protest and civil rights disobedience to bring about change.…show more content…
African American boys have been shot and killed. In most cases nothing has been done. These other races besides black have been put on trial and haven’t been convicted. That’s a huge problem. You kill someone you should go to prison and serve some time. Things happen all the time. But, if it’s a wrong doing you should be punished for it. Another problem The United States of American faces is hunger. We have people on other countries and states that do suffer from hunger. It’s a huge problem. We Americans eat, drink and get very happy. We also waste food and have tons of left overs in our fridge that we throw away. That’s a problem Americans. We have kids that can’t and don’t eat. That’s also a problem Americans. We should help out our less fortunate. We should be giving them our food, whether it’s left over or not. It’s a problem we’re facing. Kids and Adults in other cities, states and countries suffering from hunger. At school we do this thing where we bring can goods to school, and it goes to the Salvation Army. I feel like our food should be going to those families that are less fortunate. Or those countries and cities that can’t provide for themselves. We should be helping more instead of harming. We should be the providers those less fortunate families. We should do more helping than harming. We should love more and care…show more content…
Just because of the content of their skin. When the Africans we’re able to attend school they had to walk miles just to attend a broken down wood building. They received old broken, worn down books that the white kids did not want to use anymore. It’s a shame blacks were treated that way. Blacks could not be seen going to school or leaving, blacks couldn’t try to go to a better school. African Americans were segregated from everything. Blacks could not be around nor near a white person. We could either get beat and sent to prison. Blacks had it hard, could not go to school. Whites back then started this saying “Put it in a book, they will not read it.” That’s sad to say. Blacks didn’t have and education, they could not read. So blacks could never pick up a book and read it. Just because they were not able to go to school and get an education. Young African Americans should take advantage of that we have. We should go to school, and do what we have to do to be better people. Don’t let simple things stop you from advancing yourself. Future your education, be excited to go to school and learn something. Blacks could not, so we should be proud and ready to become

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