Civil Disobedience In American Society

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Civil disobedience has been an enormous event throughout American history, but is currently increasing in our daily lives. I believe that protesting against the laws in a peaceful manner is an appropriate and a brilliant idea to get your opinions across to the American people. If certain causes or people are violent about their opinions, nobody would want to follow them because of the ignorance involved. When I see violence in a protest, I instantly disagree with their fight due to the forcefulness and viciousness of their cause. We need to conduct ourselves in a professional manner when expressing what we believe in, if you do not, people will not take you seriously. This is obviously a problem. Malcolm X tried to protest for his cause but…show more content…
The intentions the original founders of BLM have are positive and they wanted to have proper civil disobedience to fight against violence and systemic racism toward African Americans. Sadly it turned negative in a matter of seconds due to extremists, rioting, and violence. If they would have kept the peace, the impact would have been phenomenal and positive for America’s society. It was the start of respectable civil disobedience but quickly turned undesirable and was no longer considered civil disobedience due to the violent nature of the protests. To be labeled as a “terror” group they would use violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims, which is now what BLM is labeled as. Even though BLM fought for a just cause, the nature in which they conducted themselves turned it into a negative effect on society. If they would have kept it peaceful, the American people probably would have opened their eyes to the cause, but due to the violence many now keep their eyes…show more content…
Civil disobedience is hard to execute due to emotions being a gigantic factor in people’s behavior. We have had many brilliant non-violent protests that ended well; if we fight for we want in a way that looks professional, people will fight with us. If people let their emotions get the better of them and get violent, they will not win what they are fighting for. They will be viewed as unintelligent and ignorant. If the American people come together peacefully and fight for what they believe in, their message will get a across and have a positive impact on
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