Civil Disobedience In 'Antigone'

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My Standpoint Civil Disobedience is an effective method of change that has been used throughout history against unjust laws. “Antigone” The story of “Antigone” uses this idea of civil disobedience through Antigone who defies the law given by her new king. As Creon starts off his first day of work he is emotional due to the loss of his eldest son. Because Creon is so emotional, he states that the person who brought war to the land causing his eldest son’s death, shall not be buried. However, this person that is not to be buried is Polyneices, brother of Antigone. She is so enraged with the fact that her brother will not be granted passage to the gods, she rebels. She fights the law Creon made, standing by the fact that everyone deserves a proper burial. Antigone wins in the end and Polyneices is buried, even at the cost of her own life. Theme If a law is unjust, it is our duty as a people to rebel for the greater good of the community. Martin Luther King Jr.…show more content…
was an american hero who worked towards African American rights. He went about protesting unjust laws with non-violent protests. For example, he would host sit-ins where a group of African Americans would go into a white restaurant and sit down at the soda fountain bar. No matter what anyone would say or do they would not move. This act of civil disobedience helped people see that the African Americans weren't doing anything wrong. The only people who actually lashed out violently were the whites, and the African Americans would just sit there and take it. Eventually, all of these protests paid off and Martin Luther
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