Civil Disobedience Justified Essay

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Whats is Civil disobedience in a democracy morally justified. Everyone has the same basic human rights in a democery society.Everyone has the same basic human rights in a democratic society. If we don 't protect human rights, everyone wont be equal. Without human rights, people are open to oppression from others. If a democracy allows for people to be oppressed then the whole reason for creating a government would be pointless. Human rights are codified in the laws of a society. Further those same laws represent the morals of the society since the majority of a society will want its beliefs to be expressed in the laws. Therefore, by protecting human rights we uphold the ideals of a democratic society My thesis is civil disobedience is a useful technique for people to lobby for …show more content…

Even if such laws could be legitimate, because they fall within the scope of democratic political authority, the democratic deficits that they suffer deprive them of actual authority. Civil disobedience functions, in such cases, not to limit but rather to enhance democracy. The argument presents an account of democratic politics that highlights the possibility of democratic deficits as a necessary side effect of the basic mechanisms of democratic political authority, which democratic disobedience might correct. Martin Luther King Jr. and other African American protesters used civil disobedience, and they were effective and became heroes, and the method of civil disobedience proved effective. With civil disobedience, there is more communication between the government and people, and to be a democracy there must be an open avenue to the people. With this open avenue, there is more communication between the government and the people, and more communication between the government and the people helps protect human rights. The ways to

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