Civil Disobedience Justified

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Civil disobedience is a refusal to obey a law or non-payment of taxes. Many of them like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi has disobey the laws and changed the world. Although some may argue that civil disobedience cannot be justified as a democracy, I assert that it can be justified as a democracy because unjust laws are made by a democratic legislatures and also can be changed by a democratic legislatures. Civil disobedience in a democracy is justified as morally. It is refusal to obey government law and act as non-violent. “Individualism gave him another answer; individual are sovereign, especially in a democracy and the government only holds its power by delegation from free individuals”(Suber). Civil disobedience in a democratic…show more content…
It shows that we are democracy because a people has the ability to challange the government. “If the is an individual law which restricts the liberty of a specific group from voting based on their ethnic background, then this will clearly violate one of the fundamental principles of justice.”(Grant). For example, if government has created the laws about the traffic system than they can change it. A person can disobey the law because you have your autonomy. “If disobedience is justified for one group whose moral belief condemn the law, then it is justified for any group similarly situated, which is a recipe for anarchy”(Suber). This means that disobedience is only for one group whose moral belief support the law than it is justified for any group, Anarchy is not a bad, but it is ideal form for society. For example, If we face any wrong law, they may disobey and risk anarchy the authority, in order to endure the disposition toward the greater evil of…show more content…
“If the maxim of the action is “disobey a law whenever you disapprove of it,” but it can succeed if instead the maxim is, “disobey the when obedience would cause more harm than disobedience,” or “disobey the law when is unjust in the following specific way..”(Suber). This means that if you disobey the law when it is disapprove it is gonna harm you and you should disobey when obeying the law cause more harm. For example, he recommended disobedience of unjust laws and obedience to the just, he would be regard as public we help us identify the unjust laws which may or must be disobeyed. “ A key factor which distinguishes evil disobedience from protest is the brute fact that the actions undertaken are illegal.”(Grant). For example, a person can break the law for there own protection or any kind of safety. Breaking a law is not crime it is just for your protection or the country freedom or any kind of things related to
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