Civil Disobedience Research Papers

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Civil disobedience is the basis of modern-day laws and equality. The government is, ideally, supposed to work like a well-oiled machine. The different branches of government balance each other out in terms of power, and each branch is supposed to work efficiently. Even so, there are different problems that are encountered when trying to reach the end goal, to serve the people. As the citizens of the a free country, it is not only our right to peacefully resist, it is our obligation. In the past, civil disobedience has sparked change in society, change that would not have happened without the rebellion of the people in what they believe in. One of the most famous example of civil disobedience is the Boston Tea Party. It was a response to taxation…show more content…
Civil disobedience is defying the law with a purpose; the purpose being for the betterment of the country and for the good of the citizens that make up the country. In this case, the women were fighting for women’s rights with an action seemingly so simple as driving to the grocery store, can kindle change, awareness, and prosperity. Countries that are considered superior to others in terms of rights and technology have basic rights aided by civil disobedience. In modern times, equality among races is one of the most apparent, and “obvious.” In other words, equality in terms of race is unquestionable. There is no doubt that people should be treated the same despite their race, and the law reflects that. However, this policy of equality in races was not always the obvious and clear morale that people had. Rosa Parks was one of the people that brought about this idea of equality within races that represented the civil rights movement. Parks’ resilience to standing her ground in terms of morale and what she believes in caused a great outcry in how African Americans were being treated, in comparison to the white people, who were thought of as more superior. Therefore, civil disobedience is essential to a free society and positively impacts the society. It allows the citizens to convey their ideas on the topics that matter to them. Peaceful resistance stimulates change in a
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