Civil Disobedience: Should There Be Peaceful Or Violent Resistance?

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Peaceful or violent resistance?
If one day you found a discriminating law you have to do something to change. To do that you have different types the violent and the nonviolent one. One type of peaceful resistance is the civil disobedience. The civil disobedience is a strategi that was used to drive attention to a certain problem.It means breaking an unjust law intentionnally to try to change it but the most important point is the willingness to accept the punishment. The civil disobedience can be violent or nonviolent, so Do you think that peaceful resistance to law can impact a free society?or not?
Peaceful resistance has proved over time that it works, it indeed impact a free society.The evidence are countless:the bus boycott ,after the famous Rosa Parks refused
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I think that’s their right. The question is should it be peaceful or violent? In my humble opinion, they both work, but one of them requires you to be more patient and it takes a lot of time. The other is faster but but it has a huge disadvantage: the sacrifice of the soul of a lot of people. In addition, harming innocent people.A lot of people will choose peaceful resistance, and I’m one of them, but you have to accept its disadvantages. If you choose the civil disobedience you have to remember something; you have to have “ the willingness to accept the punishment. For example you can’t block the street to protest against a law that you think is unjust and then when the police try to arrest you, you run. You have to accept the punishment of what you did because if you blocked the street and didn’t get arrested then this is not considered peaceful resistance. One of the examples of that is Gandhi.He has broken some laws in his early life to change some laws and he accepted the punishment which was going to jail and that’s where he read letters from birmingham jail of Martin Luther King and knew about the civil
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