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UNIVERSITI TUN HUSSEIN ONN MALAYSIA, 86400, PARIT RAJA, BATU PAHAT, JOHOR INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT YEAR: 2014/2015 SEM II COURSE: ENGINEERING GEOMATICS SUBJECT CODE: BFC 20703 NAME: NG KAH MUN MATRIC NUMBER: AF140149 SECTION: 3 LECTURE: SR. DR. MUSTAFFA BIN ANJANG AHMAD DATE: DECEMBER 2015 Assignment: What do you know about leveling, traverse and tachometry? Explain in details with suitable diagram. Explain the applications of Engineering Surveying in Civil Engineering work, such as setting out (horizontal and vertical alignment), cut and fill, plan design and etc. Table of contents:- Subtopics Page 1.1 Leveling 3 1.2 Traverse 6 1.3 Tachometry 8 1.4 Setting out 10 1.5 Cut and fill 11 1.6 Plan design 12 Leveling, traverse and tachometry are relates to each other. Tachometry is an extension of leveling and traverse. One cannot proceed with tachometry, without the field works of leveling and traverse. 1.1 Leveling Leveling is the process of measuring the difference in elevation between two or more points. The purpose of doing leveling is to obtain the reduced level of each station point. Before any starting of survey works, two PEG test should be conducted to check if the leveling bubble and the telescope line of sight are parallel. Followings are the steps of setting up a two PEG test 1. Place two PEGs about L=60m apart. 2. Set up the level midway between the two PEGs. 3. Read the staff on each PEG with level, record the height, and calculate the height

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