Civil Engineering Personal Statement

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“I want to be a civil engineer.” It was in the third grade when I made that statement in front of the class. At that time, I did not have a concrete idea what civil engineers do. It just sounded nice to me when my mother said that it’s a good career.

Without a second thought, I plan to take BS Civil Engineering after graduating from high school. It’s a bliss when I managed to gain admission as a civil engineering student in the premiere university in the Philippines. However, a complete setback happens for I was not able to proceed in the said university owing to our family’s limited financial capability at that time. When I analyzed the grave situation that I am in, I figured out that there is only one path to take – to settle into school with lesser prestige. Some might say that a second option exists and opt to stop schooling, but it is the path that I’m not willing to take. In the last day of application, I passed the requirements for the scholarship examination. I was surprised when I saw the result that I bagged the top spot.

Civil engineering is a broad realm that can be divided into several technical specialties. Out of these specialties, structural engineering sub-discipline caught my interest. Even though mathematics is an essential subject to an engineering student, I gave more attention to structural
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Our group is responsible for the modeling and analysis of structures such as but not limited to bridges, highways, container cranes and mechanical devices. In addition, learning the Japanese language is imperative to be successful in this position. Truthfully, bridge engineering is not well developed in the Philippines. Even in the academe, the curriculum mostly focuses on the design and analysis of vertical structures. As a result, I learned the technical terms used in bridge engineering in Japanese like yokogeta, shishou and menshin among

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