Civil Engineering Statement Of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose Sakshi Singh MS in Civil Engineering Placing block over block, I built a structure that was completely futuristic. It looked so amazing in my eyes that I was overwhelmed at my creation. It was simply amazing. I looked at the structure from each angle. It looked perfect. Then, I sat down with a thud and my mother came into the room. She looked at the mess around and said, “It’s time to clean up your room, Sakshi.” I looked around and there were Lego blocks all over the place. I knew she was smiling as she turned; she knew there would come a day when I would sit down at my study table and write this statement to you as I apply to your esteemed university for the Master’s program in Civil Engineering.(can you please change this?because I think many kids play with legos and it has nothing to do with civil engineering.)…show more content…
The field was interesting from the very beginning, and I love all the planning, designing, constructing, operation planning, and researching that comes with it. Learning about fascinating structures and the wonders all around the world forms part of my hobby as well as professional aspiration. Modern civil engineering has reached great heights with the passage of time, and the surety I have received while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree has completely reassured my stance of completing my Master’s degree in this field. I love the fact that I get to bring a whole new perspective and individuality to this field, and with the help of Mathematics and Science, I get to indulge in solving the many problems that arise within the field. It’s my dream to be part of projects that require me to design structures ranging from nuclear power plants to bridges and hotels that are structurally sound, cost efficient, and those that can withstand deflection, rotation, vibration and remain stable and

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