Civil Law And Legal Systems

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“A legal system is constituted by a set of legal institutions and the rules and procedures they formulate and apply in their everyday work” (p.31.. In other words, a legal system is just another way for creating and enforcing laws. Legal systems are very important; therefore, examining other legal systems or comparison of each one can help us gain an understanding of other legal systems that will be very beneficial to the U.S. It can also make us appreciate certain aspects of our legal system as well. There are five types of legal systems. The first one is the common law systems. The common law systems are found in the countries of the United States, England, Australia, Canada, and some African countries that were settled by Britain. What common…show more content…
The civil law systems are very common and cover about 60% of the population. Civil law comes from Roman law and it is heavily influenced by its culture and customs. Civil law systems will place more focus on individual freedom and trying to better the relationship between humans. Civil law also has some influence from canon law as well. Canon law is just the laws and rules made by the Church. There are three characteristics of the civil law system, it is very easily comprehended by citizens, it is well organized, and can be very adaptable. Civil law is a legislative system and can be judiciary to leave room for changes that may need to be made. Civil law is most common making these features the most important about it. It has clear rights and duties, it is simple, and it is also based on fairness (lsu…show more content…
Moving forward, countries in Africa that were once colonized by some European countries have kept many civil law traditions amongst them. The civil code has a very strong influence in the countries of Africa. The countries of Algeria and Gabon have a civil law system. Algeria’s murder rate per million people is very low, they are ranked 141st out of 177 with a 14.44 murder rate per million people. They also have very few gums – with only 7.6 guns per 100 residents. Moreover, Gabon is very low for everything, from their violent crime rate of 200 134.88 murders per million people. However, Gabon does have the capital punishment – they had 1,981 executions in 2014 (nation

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