Civil Law Reflection

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As we begin to move forward in the development of this course for this semester, we use these journals as a source of reflection on the various things that have not only been discussed in class, but various pieces of information that we have collected with time. These classes that we have recently been presented with shifted more from a criminal perspective towards a civil law perspective. We began by bringing up the tragic events that occurred on our Florida International university campus in order to bring up the topic of negligence. As per our class, negligence is considered the act in which improper work or ethical standards can be questioned. Our discussion began with an observation on the various categories that must be meet in order to determine an error was made, once these specific points were meet one can begin to look towards legal action in the hopes of creating a sound case to present in court. Though it may seem a bit difficult in class, the way it was broken down and interpreted made it easier for the entire class to have a better understanding of the significance of such a case. It was explained in class that for this case to be developed before court it must meet four different qualifications; duty, violation or cause, injury or damage that was caused, and lastly someone has to be available to pay for these damages. In class we were able to tie in various other class lessons as well as the main topic of negligence, for example ethical issues were also
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