Civil Liberties And Civil Liberties Vs. Civil Rights

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Lynch 1 Jason Lynch Prof. Sharifian Govt- 2305-73062 11 Feb 2018 Free or Not Free The United States land of the free, and the home of the brave. The founding father who brought this nation together, so we can live in peace and harmony. Civil Liberties or Rights we as the people of the United States of America are under one nation. So no one needs to be above the law, white, black, blue, green, etc no one is above the law, I argue that civil liberties and civil rights have been take away from people, because of their skin color or cause of their religion. Civil rights and Civil Liberties both can be found written in the Declaration of Independences and in the Bill of Rights. 1 For years the distinction between the two has always been blurred. Even though civil rights and civil liberties are in writing, both refer to different kinds of guaranteed protection. 2 Civil Liberties are limitations placed on the government. To put it in easier term civil liberties are things the government can’t do that interfere with a person freedom. For example, the first amendment of the Bill of Rights says the government can’t mess with someone religion or interfere with their practices. 3 Amendment 1 gives the individual liberty from the actions of the government. 2 Civil Rights are curbs on the power of majorities to make decision that would benefit some at the expense of others. To keep in simple terms government made rights where citizens have equal right, and to protect discrimination by
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