Civil Liberties Case Study

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"In time of war, the lot is silent " Cicero. The U.S government should have the right to violate citizens ' civil liberties in the name of national security, but only when necessary. Civil liberties are fundamental individual rights and freedoms which are protected by law against governmental interference. Some example of civil liberties are the 1st amendment and the right to privacy. National security is protecting and countries territory and people from invasion and other threats. One example is in case study three when the FBI wanted records of dive shops. Another example is in case study for when the government cup Poindexter seek really selling arms to Iran. One of example of why civil liberties violate citizens rights is one in World War II the Japanese internment. So the US government should and should not have the right to Violate…show more content…
The FBI thought that Afghan war prisoners were underwater trying to spy on American targets. Yes, the FBI was violating the rights of privacy, but if they had not done that then we could 've had another terrorist attack. The FBI wanted records of the shops but the dive shops wouldn 't let them have the records. The government position makes sense because if they didn 't once who let them see the records then they obviously have something to hide. If the dive shops had nothing to hide then they could 've easily handed over the records. In case city for the patriot act case study it was talking about Poindexter vs the government. They said that Poindexter was selling secret arms to Iran. The right of privacy is the constitutional issue in this case. The government side was that they secretly found him stealing arms. The government involved the right of privacy on poindexter side. The government side makes sense because he could 've been part of a terrorist

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