Civil Liberties Vs. Civil Rights

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SLO: 1 Civil Liberties vs Civil Rights Civil Liberties are individual rights that are acknowledged by the Bill of Rights. Civil Liberties place restraints on what the government can and can’t do.These individual rights cannot be taken away by law. These rights can be found in the Bill of Rights. 2 Some of these rights include: the right to free speech, the right to remain silent when being questioned by authorities, the right to privacy, the right to fair trial, the right to be free from unwarranted searches, etc. 1 Civil Rights are rights that the government guarantees equal treatment under the constitution. 3 They protect us from being discriminated against because of our race, sex, etc. They apply in all aspects of regular life from trying…show more content…
Civil Liberties protect everyone from an overbearing government while Civil Rights protect certain groups or races. Also Civil Rights are based of a democratic government since they represent everyone that lives under that government while Civil Liberties come from a limited government where the people have momentous power and the government has certain restrictions over its power. 4 In 1833 in the court case of Barron v. Baltimore the court said that the Bill of Rights applied to the federal government, not to the states. They also said that every 4 American has dual citizenship. Another case was Korematsu v. United States where the court ruled against Korematsu’s rights. The court stated although they are important the court needs to protect the country against espionage especially since it was during a time of “emergency and peril.” I believe that under regular circumstances the court will rule in favor of protecting Civil Rights and Civil Liberties but in times of crisis and war the court will do whatever it has to, to protect the country. The Terry Stop in my opinion violates a person's rights as they have not actually committed a crime and the officials are just acting on “probable cause”. I’d…show more content…
5 I believe the potential to violate our civil rights or civil liberties is enormous. Any person of power or with authority they can just see a black man and think any number of stereotypes about him. This can lead to the officer seeing him as a potential threat and taking some sort of action that could violate any number of his 6 rights and liberties. Just how it used to happen in the younger days of the nation, African-Americans were having their right to a fair trial violated. Even to this day there are still some officials thinking that they can do whatever they want with people’s lives by violating every right they so fought hard to aquire. Sometimes the Supreme Court will revert the rulings of these lower courts but more than often they’ll stay with the original ruling or they might not even look at the case. My thoughts on civil rights and civil liberties are simple I feel as though they worked for people in the past but they aren’t for today's times. I think they’re slowly dismantling and one day the government is going to have to revise to fit today’s times if not it could mean the collapse of the United States government as we know
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