Civil Right Act Of 1964 Essay

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With the passage of the 1964 act. The government realized that there was a struggle of a more just and inclusive American that needed reconstruction, and we still had a long way to go to fix the issue. After the passage of the act, some civil rights activist was not satisfied that the act didn’t meet some of the goals, and in order to do that it would take some legislative action, judicial precedent and some mobilization in order to guarantee civil rights for African Americans. In return of the wave of protest by some activist, the US congress passed the voting right act of 1965, the act focused on the rehabilitation of the legacy of discrimination against African Americans access to ballots. There were definitely a wave of period of long…show more content…
The royal governor of Virginia issued an emancipation proclamation promising freedom for runaways slaves who fought for the British. Eventually British would lose the war and most African Americans found themselves in Canada, eventually the ban would be lifted by George Washington to allow to blacks enlist in the continental army. Another wave of history during the civil rights movement was the most controversial cases during this time frame, the brown v board of education of Topeka Kansas. The Supreme Court struck down the Plessy v Ferguson decision in 1896 which allowed state sponsored segregation, according to the decision by the Supreme Court segregation in public school is unconstitutional. This was a major victory of the NAACP organization and mostly for attorney Thurgood Marshall who would later become the first black justice in the Supreme
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