Civil Rights Act Of 1964: Summary

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Throughout the book, it is notable that the author tries to depict how life was in the year of 1964, providing the reader important information about historical events that happened at the time. The story starts in the first of July, a day before the signing of the civil rights act. The author chose to utilize this date since it is an important clue about the historical background of the book, as the United States approaches towards the civil rights act. The signing of the civil rights act is definitely demonstrated in the scene where Rosaleen watches the news on the television. The news states that; "Today, July second, 1964," he said, "The president of the United States signed the Civil Rights Act into law in the East Room of the White House."…show more content…
This right proposed the prohibition of discrimination and literacy tests that prevented blacks to vote. The difficulties that african americans needed to face can be proved by the citation: "Don 't you worry, they 're gonna make 'em write their names in perfect cursive and refuse them a card if they forget so much as to dot an I or make a loop in their y." (Kidd 50) This citation is said by Mr. Bussey as he talks to T. Ray, stating that black people are required to write in perfect cursive so that they can register themselves to vote, and everything will be done in order for them not to vote. Likewise, segregation clear as the story develops, and takes part in public facilities. One example where public domains are divided by racial groups is when Lily enters the hospital where Rosaleen is transferred after being hit by a group of whites. According to the character; "Air conditioners poked out from the windows in the white section, but back here there was nothing but electric fans moving the hot air from one place to another" (Kidd 69). This citation proves the fact that white people were considered as a first class, they thought of themselves as superior than coloured people. Afro- Americans, instead, were considered to be inferior, as mentioned
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