Civil Rights Case Summary

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ABOUT THE CASE In a case filed on August 29, 2014 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), five women were fired from Moreno Farms for rejecting sexual harassment. Moreno Farms, INC grows and packages produce in Felda, Florida. The supervisor and two sons of the owner of Moreno Farms were sexually harassing, groping, and sometimes raping some of the female workers. These three men would threaten to fire the female workers if they refused their sexual advances. The women ended up standing up to their harassers and the women were fired. This type of retaliation from their harassers violated the title VII of civil Rights Act of 1964. The women took their case to the EEOC Attorneys. The Attorneys that trailed the case were Attorney Beatriz Andre and Daniel Seltzer. The Attorneys then who worked for EEOC filed the case with U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. CASE RESOLUTION On September 10, the five women who stood up to the three men were awarded $15 million in punitive damages and $2,425,000 in compensatory damages. Regional attorney for EEOC’s Miami District Office Robert E. Weisberg said, “The jury’s verdict today should serve as…show more content…
Moreno Farms closed their business immediately once the case was filed against them. When the owners of Moreno farms and the accused men did not show up to court, the Judge ruled on their behalf by default. So even though the women won the case and then awarded over 17 million, the likeliness of them seeing that money is still pending. In order for the women to be compensated, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is looking into any assets left from the farm. Unfortunately, investigators have made no arrests to this day. The women in this case were also given a U-visa, which gave them legal protection as long as they cooperated with law
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