Civil Rights Defenders Research Paper

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Civil Rights Defenders Throughout the 20th Century Many brave people fought for and defended Civil Rights in the beginning of the 20th century. These people are called Civil Rights Defenders. They stood up for not only themselves, but for others. In the end, their dedication paid off. Civil Rights Defenders did whatever they could in their power throughout the whole Civil Rights Movement to fight for a better, integrated community and in the end, they won the fight. The Black Panthers Party (BPP) was a group representing the anger within African communities in the 1960s. The BBP started the “Free Huey!” Campaign (Jones). The campaigns were a smart idea because it brought nationwide attention to the cause. The “Free Huey!” Rallies were also successful. Furthermore, the BPP was influenced by Malcolm X and Robert F. Williams (Jones). They were especially influenced by Malcolm X after he left a movement called the Nation of Islam in 1964. Robert F. Williams is Cuban, and that is probably why the BPP are a blend of Marxism-Leninism, black nationalism, and African and Asian nationalism. The BPP represent the West Coast manifestation of Black Power, and they represent it well.…show more content…
was a huge leader in the Civil Rights Movement. After King’s infamous speech at The Great March on Washington in August 1963, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (”King, Martin Luther, Jr.”). This honorable award shows how dedicated King was toward defending civil rights. King’s speech really was inspirational to all. Later in his life, King was placed in the Birmingham Jail for violation of an injunction to halt his demonstrations (”King, Martin Luther, Jr.”). As a result, tensions would rise, leading to the termination of the race discrimination in the community. King was also disappointed that the white church never commented on the topic of racial discrimination. Because of his achievements, Martin Luther King, Jr. became a national emblem of the Civil Rights
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