Civil Rights: Discussion Questions

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Download this form and answer the following questions. This is your final exam. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET AND DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. YOU MUST USE THE TEXTBOOK. YOU CANNOT AFFORD A ZERO ON THIS EXAM. Save and put in the dropbox for the Unit 4 Portfolio. Save as a PDF if at all possible. IF YOU SUBMIT THIS BY MAY 4TH YOU WILL RECEIVE 10 POINTS ON THIS FINAL EXAM. 1. Identify and discuss at least 3 methods the US used to counteract the influences of the Soviet Union. (pages 846-852) Include a CMW link at the end of your essay. 2. Civil Rights activists were focused on many pressing issues in the mid-20th century. Identify and explain at least three issues that were addressed and three methods used to achieve their successes. (pages 916-932) Include a CMW link at the end of your essay. Go on to the next page………………………………….. 3 Read the following …show more content…

(Find that in your book). In your essay, discuss the reasons that the US entered the conflict in Iraq and the reasons that the US entered the conflicts as described in the Domino Theory. How are they different? How are they the same? 4. Open your book to page 1128. Study the two charts on that page. Read that page. Answer the following questions. Remember to write your answers in COMPLETE SENTENCES, USING PROPER GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION. A. From which countries did the majority of the immigrants come in 2000? (Answer in a complete sentence.) B. What percentage of the US population was of Hispanic origin in 2000? (Answer in a complete sentence!) RUN THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT THROUGH THE CHECK MY WORK LINK AND PLACE THAT LINK IN THE SPACE BELOW. READ THE REPORT! ARE YOUR ANSWERS

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